My Privacy Personality Quiz: Thoughts and Results

For my weekly play post, I figure I'd make a screen capture of my thought process while taking this privacy personality quiz. (I'd suggest watching it in 1.25x or 1.5x speed.) My actual results. -insert sitcom laugh track here- (I used OBS to create this video.) -Charlee

The (re)Tale of The Oversized Coat

Shopping online as a petite woman can be a nightmare sometimes. Since moving to the Seattle-area from Central Florida last fall, I've had to build up my cold-weather arsenal significantly. I tend to shop online a bunch because it's hard for me to stay focused surrounded by so many options in person. A lot of… Continue reading The (re)Tale of The Oversized Coat

Loot Box Addiction

"The internet and digital media have resulted in the mainstreaming of certain behaviors once considered to be more deviant or profane. This is a change at the cultural level. For example, gambling is increasingly tolerated and promoted as a positive social activity for adults and even children." (Chayko, Mary; Superconnected, 2017) Hi I'm Charlee, and I'm a… Continue reading Loot Box Addiction