Veteran’s Day: Honoring Loved Ones

I know this post is completely different from my other relatively tech-related posts, but I wanted to take today to blog about my uncle and U.S. Army veteran, Warren Anderson. Uncle Warren (born December 9, 1921) was a radio gunner during the second world war. His plane was shot down over the Alps where he… Continue reading Veteran’s Day: Honoring Loved Ones


Meme Post: Surprised Pikachu

So there's a new meme floating around the web right now, and I figured I'd give it a go! Every few months I get into this cycle where I'm struggling not to gain too much weight so I'll count calories and then stop again once I've hit my weight target. It's honestly really hard as… Continue reading Meme Post: Surprised Pikachu

Mashed Potatoes and Accessibility

During my digital literacy class, we had a guest speaker come in and discuss the topic of accessibility for all with us. As an exercise, with crayons in hand, we were asked to draw what we each thought was a representation of accessibility. She had mentioned that people she's spoken to in the past would… Continue reading Mashed Potatoes and Accessibility

“Honey, I’m home!” *Seen at 6:03 PM*

"My wife arrived home and got my attention through an instant message from the other room." (Rheingold, Howard; Net Smart: How to Thrive Online, 2012) My husband and I always do this. One of us will be busy, either me doing school work or him working from home as he often does, and we'll message each… Continue reading “Honey, I’m home!” *Seen at 6:03 PM*

Loot Box Addiction

"The internet and digital media have resulted in the mainstreaming of certain behaviors once considered to be more deviant or profane. This is a change at the cultural level. For example, gambling is increasingly tolerated and promoted as a positive social activity for adults and even children." (Chayko, Mary; Superconnected, 2017) Hi I'm Charlee, and I'm a… Continue reading Loot Box Addiction


"I asked: 'How do you know if this is true or not?' 'It looks like most everything on the Web,' my daughter replied. 'Look for an author,' I prompted." (Rheingold, Howard; Net Smart: How to Thrive Online, 2012) After reading the quote above, I remembered one of many situations I've had directly related to the concept… Continue reading SOURCES, SOURCES, SOURCES!