Media Use Log

"Some worry that people who live tech-saturated lives (especially the young) have come to expect and even to require instant stimulation, fun, entertainment, and/or digital connection at all times—that they expect never to be bored." (Chayko, Mary; Superconnected, 2017) The chapter in which this quote is grabbed from immediately reminded me of a mini project I had… Continue reading Media Use Log


GIF Post: That’s us. That’s our data.

Last week in my digital literacy class, we spoke about our data being the price we pay for "free" use of the internet. I thought this gif (created via imgflip) from Adam Ruins Everything was extremely appropriate. Notice the Facebook and Google logos on the two men in glasses. Like the guy on the table, we… Continue reading GIF Post: That’s us. That’s our data.

Meme Post: Future (and Current) Devs Take Note!

Recently I was linked a post by a concerned programming and UI design blogger about the current state of software and how bloated and slow they've become. So I figured, "Let's make a meme about it!" It's scary to think that everything being coded nowadays is just being built on top of old code without… Continue reading Meme Post: Future (and Current) Devs Take Note!