“Honey, I’m home!” *Seen at 6:03 PM*

"My wife arrived home and got my attention through an instant message from the other room." (Rheingold, Howard; Net Smart: How to Thrive Online, 2012) My husband and I always do this. One of us will be busy, either me doing school work or him working from home as he often does, and we'll message each… Continue reading “Honey, I’m home!” *Seen at 6:03 PM*

Media Use Log

"Some worry that people who live tech-saturated lives (especially the young) have come to expect and even to require instant stimulation, fun, entertainment, and/or digital connection at all times—that they expect never to be bored." (Chayko, Mary; Superconnected, 2017) The chapter in which this quote is grabbed from immediately reminded me of a mini project I had… Continue reading Media Use Log

Keeping Up With Technology

"Net smarts are not just vital to getting ahead; you need this knowledge to keep from falling behind." (Rheingold, Howard; Net Smart: How to Thrive Online, 2012) Technology is ever-changing. Reading the Rheingold quote above, I thought about all the people in my life who have no idea how to use a computer and call me… Continue reading Keeping Up With Technology