Meme Post: Future (and Current) Devs Take Note!

Recently I was linked a post by a concerned programming and UI design blogger about the current state of software and how bloated and slow they’ve become. So I figured, “Let’s make a meme about it!”


It’s scary to think that everything being coded nowadays is just being built on top of old code without much (if any) cleanup! Though I’m not a programmer myself, I’ve definitely noticed how much storage is required nowadays for apps compared to their previous versions to the point that my old phone’s 16 GB of internal storage could no longer handle the same 20-ish apps I used two years after I purchased it. (I was so excited to get a new phone with 64 GB of storage, but even now that’s starting to rack up some space issues!) How much storage is going to be needed when we get Windows 37 or IOS 106? Will we need a whole terabyte of data just to use Google Chrome some day? Will it take a solid 10 minutes just to open up Photoshop because of all the unnecessary add-ons? We need to teach young developers still learning the basics now and warn them about the current state of technology so they can code more efficiently than their predecessors.

Link to blog post for further reading:

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