Daily Create: Ratty Old T-shirt

For my weekly play post this week, I figured it was time I make a response to a daily create. I know I’m a day off, but I noticed one requesting to respond with a photo of our favorite ratty old shirt and say what’s so special about it. I immediately had an answer for this one and dug through my laundry bin to find it.

Here is the shirt I chose in all of its stinky glory:

You can view my Twitter post about it here.

It’s normally not smelly. It just needs to be washed right now! I still wear it as a sleep shirt, but there was a time that it was worn for a whole day of volunteering.

My old high school, Crooms Academy of Information Technology back in Central Florida, has a yearly event where students can come and play video games and snack all they want for 12 hours straight along with their fellow students and teachers. I volunteered as a student staff member during the 2011-2012 school year and again during my senior year (2012-2013). I created the logo for the my first LanFest, but that’s printed on a shirt somewhere buried in my parents’ house, so I opted to use the 2013 shirt design made by a friend’s dad for yesterday’s daily create instead.

My LanFest 2012 logo. I wish I knew where this shirt went!

As students we would help set up and take down all of the signs and gaming setups on the day of. We’d have rooms for each of the current main consoles, computers with various competitive games downloaded onto them, a retro gaming room to reminisce in, and even a whole Rockband room complete with a stage setup so event guests could rock out to their hearts’ content! And even before the event begins, we would create ads and work with one another to promote the event. Weekly meetups consisted of serious planning time and plenty of goofy moments to go along with it. In the end, proceeds of the event would be donated to charity, and each of the student staff members could add another line to their resume and another save file to their personal memory banks.

Here’s a staff photo from LanFest 2013. (I’m front and center.)

As a Crooms graduate, I remember LanFest as one of the best parts of high school to this day. Whenever I’m in town during the event (now called CroomsCon), I’ll volunteer as a chaperone. Unfortunately I won’t be able to this year, but I’ve done it a couple times in the past. I’m happy Mr. Donnan (the teacher in charge of LanFest/CroomsCon) is still putting the event on each year. I hope it will continue even after he leaves some day. It’s such a great opportunity for the students to let loose, and it’s amazing that charities get to benefit, as well.


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