Meme Post: Surprised Pikachu

So there’s a new meme floating around the web right now, and I figured I’d give it a go!


Every few months I get into this cycle where I’m struggling not to gain too much weight so I’ll count calories and then stop again once I’ve hit my weight target. It’s honestly really hard as a 4′ 11″ woman with a husband who’s a damn good cook while living in a town with lots of tasty restaurant options. Gaining just a few pounds becomes really noticeable on shorter people like myself, so I try to stay under 110 lbs. As soon as I go over, it’s My Fitness Pal time! Once I lose around 4-6 lbs., I typically stop because I’m a dummy who thinks I can stick to the same amount I’d been eating since I’d started to track my calories. After a few months, I notice the extra chub on my belly, freak out, and start the process over again.

I think you can guess which part of the cycle I’m on based on this post…

Let me know if I used the meme incorrectly in the comments! I’m typically good at following a meme’s “rules,” but I’ve only seen a few examples out in the wild so far so I’m not used to it just yet!


P.S. Using the My Fitness Pal app is a really good way to lose weight the easy way. You have to be diligent about it, but all you have to do is input your current weight and your goal weight and then record everything you eat as you go about your day. Their food database is ginormous, so you’ll likely be able to find just about anything you’ve eaten. As long as you stick to the recommended calorie amount the app suggests based on your information, you’ll lose weight in just a matter of time! (I’d know. I’ve done this 4 times already…) Best of all – the app’s free!

(This post was NOT sponsored by My Fitness Pal. I just really like their app.)

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