Mediated Writing Project: Cryptography

For my digital literacy class, we had to create a project in Microsoft Sway featuring either an original piece of writing advocating for something we care about OR a previously-written paper for a different course. I chose to do the latter, as I recalled that I had written a paper early last year that goes along with this week’s theme of cybersecurity.

Background: After I had dropped out of my previous university, I decided I should at least finish up an associate’s degree in case I ever decided to go back. (In hindsight, that was a really good idea.) To complete my math requirement, I picked an easy liberal arts math course where we learned about non-traditional mathematics. During the course, I wrote a paper about cryptography for my final project.

I would have never thought I’d touch that assignment ever again…

But here we are!

You can view the project through the link below:

Go to this Sway


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