Daily Create: Digital Loss

I like checking The Daily Create every once in a while to see if I can relate to any. Lo and behold, today’s is perfect for me because I recently discovered that one of my hard drives containing old work and precious memories from high school is not being seen by my computer at the moment.

Uh oh…

You can view my Twitter post about it here.

As you can see from the photo above, it’s still in my computer sitting in the tray that it may or may not have died in. If I’m lucky, my husband – who actually manages to back everything up unlike my dumb self who should know better by now – may have this data backed up elsewhere. If I’m even luckier, the wire providing it power just got knocked loose and it’s actually just temporarily sleeping until I plug it back into the power supply.

I swear this is the only time I’ve never backed something up…because this drive was the backup. Unfortunately, I had to clear up the original external drive containing this data because it had to be used for something else, and silly me didn’t shove everything back on from the backup when I had the chance… -sigh-

I’ll update the blog once I have the courage to pull it out and see if it’s kicked the bucket…

Pray for me.


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